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XIVLauncher is already updated. Dalamud is not, so no plugins right now. They're expecting another week. Check the discord. 0. Reply. Share. Report Save Follow. level 1 · 5 mo. ago. They are expecting Friday if no major issues arrive. 0. Reply. Share. Report Save Follow. More posts from the ffxiv community. XIVLauncher とは、公式のランチャーと比べて.

These are community-made plugins that you can install by using /xlplugins in-game when the in-game addon is enabled. They are made by third-party developers, not associated with XIVLauncher. You can read more about each of them by clicking their name.

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" XIVlauncher just had a major update, so the way Penumbra is loaded has changed. Make sure you grab the latest version from their Github repo and put it in your devplugins folder. \\XIVLauncher\\devPlugins\\Penumbra". To get Penumbra up and running the easy way, set up XIVlauncher/Dalamud to run dev plugins. If you had a previous install, remove it from in your UI or delete the folder.