Case bargaining unit 2 update

CASE BU2 Bargaining Update. A Frustrating Week. While CASE and CalHR made progress on various provisions of the MOU, with two big issues still very much in discussion (telework and paid family leave), the news from CalHR on salaries was . . . disheartening. After waiting nearly one full month for CalHR to respond to CASE’s offer from mid-June.

Mar 16, 2022 · January 28, 2022 Step 7 and Section B.2 of the MOU, Re: Residual Vacancies ... to work. in installations other than their home office {national case Q90C-4Q-C 93034651). Clerk Craft Negotiates Improvements in 2021-2024 ... The APWU prevailed in an arbitration that keeps hundreds of Clerk Craft jobs in the union's bargaining unit. 2.5 Bargaining Unit Information..... 12 2.6 Use of State Rooms, Phones, and Electronic Communication Equipment 12 . 2.7 Fair Share Fees/Dues Deduction ... Article 2 - Case Rights. 2.1 CASE Representation . 2.2 Access . 2.3 Bulletin Boards . 2.4 Distribution of Literature.

CASE BU2 Bargaining Update (July 26) Where Things Stand. As discussed last week, after waiting nearly one full month for CalHR to respond to CASE’s offer from mid-June, CalHR finally responded with their prior offer from June and the message that the offer was all there was in the pot for Unit 2. As legal professionals, your Bargaining Team.




Bargaining Unit Update. The Housing Authority shall monthly furnish a list of all new hires within the bargaining unit to Local #1/AFSCME.

CASE Bargaining Unit 2’s Post. CASE Bargaining Unit 2 3d Report this post Did you catch this morning's @thestateworker column in @sacbee_news covering the six.

Unit 4 Bargaining Update for Friday, July 26, 2019 ... July 9, 2019, to make the case California needs to invest in them and the important work they do in carrying out and supporting the administrative work of state agencies all across California. On Tuesday, Unit 4's bargaining team submitted over 25 special salary adjustments and did four.